Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lazy Cleaning...

sorry for the awful picture- we just bought a really nice
camera but I have no idea how to use it nor due I have
the inclination to learn
In an effort to keep up on my household chores, such as cleaning, I am trying to think of ways to make things easier for me.

The real easy thing would be to hire someone to clean the house but that wouldn't work for two reasons: I am too cheap and I am a control freak.

So, it is all back to me (my husband does help clean when he can but he gets to escape to this place "work" for forty plus hours a week).

One area of the house that gets neglected is the second floor, mostly because we're only up there when we sleep so it doesn't get particularly messy and lets face it- out of sight, out of mind. For some reason though, dust loves the second floor. I try to keep up on the dusting but other stuff comes up and it gets forgotten.

That is where my bright, yet somewhat lazy and non-frugal, idea came in. I bought Swiffer Dusters on Amazon and will keep one duster upstairs where I can grab it to quickly dust when I have a nanosecond.  I like these because they lock the dust into them instead of spreading it all over the floor and they don't require chemicals so I can leave them upstairs knowing that the kids won't be guzzling down cleaning solution.

As for actually polishing the furniture, that won't be happening for awhile- not with the amount of time I spend refereeing my three kids. Maybe when the youngest is ten I'll be able to bust out the Pledge...

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