Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grocery Shopping is Boring

TargetI was just looking through the online fliers for Shaws and Stop and Shop and realized that there were no good deals. I'm a little disappointed but at the same time a little happy- this means I don't have to go to either store (I do have a free milk coupon for Stop and Shop that expires tomorrow so I guess I'll have to pop in there really quick).

This means that tomorrow I will be doing my shopping at Target. I love doing my food shopping at Target because their regular prices are way cheaper that the grocery store. I hate doing my food shopping at Target because I have no self control when I step in that store and tend to buy stuff on clearance that I don't technically need. But, I did just watch an episode of Hoarders where the guy had tons of Target bags full of stupid crap piled up so maybe I'll keep that image in my head when I'm perusing the end caps of the store.

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  1. lol! Im trying not to even walk down the back aisles..Totally agree on food..I go to Target mid week if possible to score meat..I got ground beef for 1.87 a lb and 3.5 lb chickens for 2.87!