Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finally Caught Up...

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As of 11 pm tonight I am officially all caught up on my coupons.

All inserts have been clipped and all coupons have been filed. I feel like I am completely starting over, which I guess I kind of am considering when I went through my coupons about 90% of them were expired.

So, how do I organize my coupons? Am I one of those people who carries a big ass binder that screams "I'm a crazy hoarder like on the show that shall not be named"? No, no I am not that person. I actually have three small accordion files that house my coupons; one for food, one for health and beauty and one for household, baby and cleaning items. I also keep all of my Target coupons in a separate envelope as well as my other store coupons in envelopes. This method has worked for me for the past eight years and I am extremely adverse to change so no binder in the near future for me.

Each week I make shopping lists for each store I plan on going to. I make the list on a sheet of notebook paper folded side to side and then I fold it in half so I can place the coupons I need in it as well as any I think I may need. This way I have all of the coupons together so I'm not frantically searching for them when checking out. I also bring my coupon files with me in my purse so that if I see any other deals I can pounce on them.

I feel great that I am all caught up- now I can fully embrace my old shopping habits of making lists, using coupons and sticking to my budget. Now if only I could go shopping by myself.... I can dream, can't I?

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  1. It is really scary how alike we are! I have 2 accordion target dollar spot coupon things..I make my list put my coupons in and reach into my folders if needed but screaming kids, casey getting outta the carriage while I flip through coupons isnt my idea of a good time!