Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dairy Free Birthday Cake

My husband's birthday was the other day and my two year old daughter and I decided to make him a cake. I wanted the option of eating it so we made it dairy free. I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe for chocolate oil cake (not only is it dairy free but it's also vegan)- I even make this recipe when I am allowed to eat dairy because it tastes really good. It is also a great cake recipe to use in shaped pans as it is a bit dense and does not stick (nothing angers me more than when a cake sticks to the pan no matter how well I prep it).

Since my daughter wanted to use the bundt pan I just made a glaze to pour over the top (I used this dairy free recipe). Since the cake reminded us of a giant doughnut we colored the glaze with blue food coloring and then put tons of sprinkles on top.

My daughter couldn't wait to have a piece so I cut out a small sliver before my husband got home. When my husband did walk in the door, she couldn't stop talking about the cake. I swear you would think she won the lottery the way she was jumping around and smiling. I guess it's the simple things in life that kids enjoy the most.

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