Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stop and Shop- $1.99 a Pound Chicken Breast

Apples $3.92 (.99/lb)
Rice Krispies $2.50
Honey Maid Graham Crackers $2.99
Hebrew National Hot Dogs $3.50
Stop and Shop Hot Dog Buns $1.49
5 Progresso Soup $1.11 each - $1/4 MC
6.14 lb Purdue Boneless Chicken Breast $12.22 ($1.99/lb)
2 Entenmans Products @ $5.99 BOGO (treat for husband)
Less .20 in reusable bag credits
Less $5.35 in bottle returns

Total: $31.61
Saved 43%

My savings was actually way more because the Purdue chicken breast was on manager's special for $1.99 a pound. This was such a good find because we have no chicken breast left in the freezer and I was just saying to myself that I wished I could find some on sale. Now we are pretty well stocked up for when I have the baby.

The soup is for my husband to eat when I'm in the hospital and I also got some hot dogs so he can make the kids an easy dinner one of the nights.

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