Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Princess Room...

I finally finished my daughter's room. Well, there is actually a lot more I would like to do but I ran out of time because I am a big fat procrastinator.

Here is a full shot of the room. It's not something you would find in a Pottery Barn catalog but as we all know, kids have a lot of stuff that doesn't match therefor my decor options don't match everything in the room.

You can't see it in this picture because the bed rail is down, but my daughter's bed has a bedskirt that matches the window valances. Darn bed rail.

Here is the corner of the room. I really wanted to make real curtains instead of valances but I don't trust my kids to not try and pull the curtains down. This is why we only have valances in the whole house. Someday when the kids are older I'll have real curtains (and other nice things)...

This is my daughter's bed. I didn't want to put the mirrored wall stickers down too low because I was afraid my daughter would try to peel them off of the wall (she is two and very destructive when she wants to be). I wanted to make a throw pillow with the fabric I used for the valances but like I said above, I ran out of time. Hopefully I can whip one up in the next few weeks.

This is the baby's crib. The crib teething rail covers are made from an old crib bumper that I covered with fabric. The crib skirt is made from the bedskirt that came with my daughter's comforter set.

This is the dresser. We are planning on buying all new furniture once the baby is out of her crib but this one will do until then.

I covered the switch plate with fabric so that it would match the rest of the room.

I am happy with how everything turned out and even more important, my daughter loves her princess room. Little girls' rooms are so much fun to decorate and I actually didn't spend much at all to pull everything off. My son's room on the other hand, well he is four and has his own opinions on everything so his room is a mish mosh of boy stuff. He's happy though, so I'm happy too.


  1. I Love it!! I would paint the dresser black, instead of buying a new one. Everything is so cute!