Friday, November 11, 2011

Low Key Christmas- NOT!

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This year I am planning on our Christmas to be more low key than years past. I'm not doing this because of monetary reasons (though I am somewhat cheap) but because my family will have an additional little baby this year and I want to have at least a shred of sanity left after the holiday season.

As far as gifts go, I thought my son was all set but he's not and my daughter is definitely not all set. And as for the baby, well she doesn't need anything but will most likely get a few things because I'll feel guilty getting her nothing. Most of my shopping will be done online (three cheers for Amazon!) and my husband will buy some things on Black Friday because he thinks it is funny shopping with a bunch of psychopaths who wait in line at midnight to get stuff for cheap (I would have a panic attack in a situation like that as I don't like people violating my personal space).

Decorating the house won't be an issue as we have tons of stuff acquired from Target's Christmas clearance last year. The only thing we will need to purchase is a tree and a fresh wreath for the front door (I saved the ribbon from our wreath last year- how frugal). I can't wait for the day after Thanksgiving so I can turn the house from blah to festive!

This year we are hosting Christmas (my husband's aunt and I take turns hosting holidays). I have not given the menu a ton of thought yet but I do know that I want to have some sort of beef roast along with a turkey. I would love to make a fancy shmancy meal but am not sure that this is the year to push myself as the baby will only be about 1 1/2 months old and I have to work the day before Christmas (I don't get home from work until 6:30 pm). But, what fun are the holidays without a little self imposed stress?

So, I am planning on a more low key Christmas but knowing me it won't end up being low key at all and I will drive myself crazy. The way I look at it though is as long as everyone has a good time then it is all worth it. Making others happy makes me happy. And oh yes, the drinking of wine during Christmas dinner will make me happy too.

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