Friday, November 4, 2011

Land's End- Stocking Up for the Kids

Land's End recently had a coupon for $40 off of a $100 purchase so of course I went right to the clearance section to get more bang for my buck.

Here is what I got for my daughter:
tunic top (for now)
short sleeve top (for now)
short sleeve top
rash guard
swim skirt
plaid skirt
cotton skort
2 pairs of shorts

And here is what I got my son:
long sleeve polo (for now)
long sleeve shirt (for now)
long sleeve shirt (for now)
rash guard
khaki shorts
cargo shorts

My total for all of this was $60.62 with free shipping. I paid an average of $4 per item which seems to me to be a pretty good deal. My son seems to be pretty well set for the spring/summer and I am almost positive that my daughter is totally set. Will this stop me from buying more if I find a great deal? I think not.

And on a somewhat non-related note, does anyone remember when a skort was basically a skirt in the front and shorts in the back? When did a skort become just a skirt with some shorts underneath? I feel old.

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