Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gap and Old Navy- Coupons Galore!

Gap Toddler Boy's Sweatpants $9.99 (reg. $16.95)
Gap Toddler Girl's Winter Coat $54.95 (reg. $59.95)
Old Navy Boy's Sweatpants $9.99 (reg. $14.94)
Old Navy Infant Girl's Fleece Hat $6.94 (baby will need a winter hat)
Infant Girl's One Piece $10.00 (reg. $14.94) (coming home outfit for baby)
Toddler Girl's Winter Hat $10.00 (reg. $12.94)
Less 25% Old Navy coupon
Less 30% Gap coupon
Less $20 Reward Certificate 

Total: $44.66 with free shipping
Saved 65%

The $20 Reward Certificate was for upgrading my Gap Silver credit card to a Gap Silver Visa card- I love getting free "money"! I really love my silver card because I get tons of coupons in my email that are only for cardholders and even better than that I get free shipping on every purchase which means I don't have to take the kids shopping- I can do it all while sitting on my couch. Yes, to get to silver status you have to spend $800 a year but for a family of four (soon to be five) that is not much at all and the threshold can be met throughout all of the brands: Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Piperlime.

I decided to get my daughter a coat from the Gap even though the Old Navy ones were way cheaper because now that I have another little girl on the way I want to make sure everything I buy is high quality so it can be handed down and then sold on Ebay. This doesn't mean that I am going to pay premium prices though! I am not knocking Old Navy- I buy a lot of stuff from there (when it is cheap enough) but their items quite simply are not made as well as items from the Gap and tend to fade and look not so great after going through one child wearing them (Target clothing is much, much worse).

And can I say that I am getting pretty sad that my son is on the cusp of growing out of toddler sizes (they end at 5T)? Boy's clothing costs more and even with shopping on clearance I am having to pay a little more than I would have for the equivalent in toddler sizes. I know this is just something that I will have to deal and will have to adjust my cheapness level to reflect the change in sizes but it still stinks!

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