Friday, October 28, 2011


Chef Boyardee Whole Grain $1.09 (for lunch at work)
Kraft Veggie Mac and Cheese $1.00
1 lb Strawberries $2.49
Market Pantry Milk $3.39
Organic Orange Juice .76 (reg. $3.14)
Yoplait Kids Yogurt $1.89
Pantene Gift Set $9.99
Up & Up Peroxide .57
Banana .24
2 Motts for Tots Juice @ $2.25 each
Motts Natural Applesauce $1.74 - $1.74 instant savings wyb 2 Motts Juice
Less $1.30 in Red Card Savings

Total: 25.25

The Pantene gift set is going to be used for two separate rebates. The first one came in the box- you can either get a free magazine subscription to Allure magazine or get a refund instead of the magazine for $12. The second rebate is for $10 when you buy $50 of select Procter & Gamble products. I already had about $40 towards the rebate so the Pantene will put me over the threshold (I paid less than a couple of dollars for the items I bought before today).

The orange juice was marked way down to .76 cents and expires on 10/31 so I will be using it to make homemade and healthy popsicles for the kids.

One of the main reasons I went to Target today, other than needing milk, was to return a bag of potatoes that I bought on Tuesday. When I went to make mashed potatoes on Wednesday for dinner I realized that many of the potatoes in the bag were moldy. Ew, yuck, disgusting, gross. I will never buy potatoes from Target again.

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