Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shaws- General Mills Catalina Deal Third Run

2 Total @ $2.50 each - .75 MC (doubled)
2 Cheerios @ $2.00 each - $1.10/2 MC
10 Totinos Pizza Rolls @ $1.00 each - (5) $1/2 MC
Shaws Fruit Snacks $1.59 (treat for daughter)
Celery $2.49
1 lb Carrots $1.29
Less $10 Catalina

Total: $5.27
Saved 88%
Received $10 Catalina for purchasing General Mills products

After sale prices, coupons and the $10 Catalina I got paid .10 cents to buy two boxes of Total, two boxes of Cheerios and ten boxes of Totinos. I know the Totinos are total crap food but they will come in handy for me to have quick lunches for myself after the baby is born- there is no way I would ever feed them to my kids so more for me!

I want to go back again this week to stock up on more food- I might as well take advantage of this great sale while I can!

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