Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Online Shopping Saves My Sanity

Boxes in the Mail
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I have been online shopping up a storm lately

No, not because I have some weird shopping addiction (though sometimes when flipping through the channels on TV I will get sucked into watching the home shopping network) but because I like my life to as simple as possible.

Simple to me means to limit taking my kids to the store with me as much as humanly possible, mostly so that I may retain a small sliver of my sanity. The things that I buy about 90% of the time from online are shoes and clothing. Taking kids clothing and shoe shopping is pure hell, especially when you are the type of mom who is super cheap and has to scour the clearance racks looking for deals. Kids don't wait for deals- kids want to get out of the store as quick as possible or they want to stay in the store and play hide and go seek in the racks. Either way, my kids do not enjoy bargain hunting.

This week I saved myself a ton of time (sanity) and money buy buying things that we needed online. Here is what I got:

-For my daughter: winter coat (Gap), shirt (Gap), dress shoes (Children's Place), winter hat (Old Navy), snow boots (Piperlime)
-For my son: shirt (Gap), sweatpants (Gap), sweatpants (Old Navy), snow pants (Children's Place), dress shoes (Children's Place), snow boots (Piperlime), pants (Old Navy)
-For the baby: winter hat (Old Navy), one-piece outfit (Old Navy)
-For my husband's friend's baby: a car seat seat from Babies R Us that his friend and his wife registered for; shipping was free so why the heck would I go buy it in the store?

My kids really needed the winter stuff so if I didn't get it online I would have had to truck my big 37 weeks pregnant butt to the store to buy all of it. Everything I bought involved some great online coupons, store rewards, cash back from Ebates and free shipping. There is absolutely no way I would have gotten these deals shopping in store and especially not if I had the kids with me.

What can I say- I am keeping UPS in business. Is it bad that when the truck drives by my house without stopping that I get a little sad?

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  1. Thanks for keeping UPS in business, that is my husbands job :) And I get sad too LOL!