Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Candy is My BFF...

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I'm not too big on Halloween now that I am an adult. Sure, it is cute when my kids get all dressed up and I like seeing how excited they get when they go trick or treating but for me personally it is quite a bore.

That is until now. I am fat, pregnant and have a hunkering for chocolate.

I already busted open the bags of candy that I bought for trick or treaters and because I have no willpower I am not sure if said candy will still be around on Monday night. Luckily, I just bought two huge bags of candy from Amazon (gotta love Amazon Prime) that will be here by Monday so I'll just have to keep my grubby little hands off of them unless I want my house to get toilet papered due to a lack of candy on Halloween night.

The real best part of Halloween for a pregnant lady (once you get past the having to waddle from house to house with the kids while they trick or treat) is when I get to go through their candy when we get home to check for razor blades and hypodermic needles. At that time I confiscate what I don't think the kids should be eating- or should I say I confiscate what I think I should be eating.

I have been so good my whole pregnancy with not pigging out on junk so with two weeks to go until I have this baby, let the floodgates of sugary, fattening and high fructose corn syrup laden food open up!

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