Saturday, October 29, 2011

Charlie's Soap is My Number One!

I am not one to push products on other people but I was reminded of how much I love my laundry detergent the other day when I had to reorder some.

I use Charlie's Soap and have been for awhile. I started using this way back when I was cloth diapering my son and had a ton left over when I ditched cloth for disposables. Fast forward to more recently and my son had a weird rash on his skin. I wasn't sure what exactly it was from but I had been detergent hopping and using whatever I could get for a good deal so I thought maybe he was having a reaction. I saw my Charlie's Soap sitting on the shelf in the laundry room and decided to rewash all of my son's clothing in it because it was all natural and didn't have any weird chemicals.

My son's rash went away (who knows if it was the detergent or not- sometimes kids just get weird rashes) but I decided to stick with the Charlie's Soap for all of our laundry. It works so well and leaves the clothes so soft that I actually stopped using fabric softener and dryer sheets. It also keeps the inside of my front loading washer extremely clean and keeps the awful front loading washer smell away. The clothing comes out of the dryer smelling like clothing- not flowers or morning rain, just clothing. It is amazing how much chemical crap and fragrance that traditional detergents have in them. What is also nice is that when I have the baby I can just wash her clothing in with all of ours instead of having to separate it and wash it in special detergent because this has no harsh ingredients.

I started out using the liquid detergent but when the price went up a bit on Amazon I decided to go with the powder. I am not sure how much everyone else pays for their detergent but on Amazon Charlie's Soap is $11.99 for 80 large loads and with Subscribe and Save it goes down to $10.19 for 80 large loads
(shipping is free with Subscribe and Save). This all equates to paying about .13 cents a load. Maybe not as good as buying the cheap stuff at the store on sale with a coupon but if you want detergent that has no weirdo chemicals or fragrances because someone in your family has sensitive skin or allergies this seems like a winner to me.

Plus, I am lazy and the thought of having to go to the store to buy laundry detergent makes me shudder.

Disclaimer: This post contains my affiliate link. Charlie's Soap has no idea who I am- I wrote this post because I simply love their product and use it every day.

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