Monday, October 17, 2011

BJ's- Sort of Over Budget but Oh Well...

Dole Fruit Cups in Juice $7.49 - .50 MC (16 pack of cups)
Land O' Lakes Milk $2.89
Carnation Instant Breakfast $7.99 - $1.00 MC (30 packets)
Berkley & Jensen Apple Juice $4.99 (2 pack 96 oz.)
Honey Buns $3.19 (for husband for work)
Eggo Nutri Grain Waffles $6.99 (equal to four regular boxes)
Wonka Mix Ups $9.99 - $3.00 BJ's Coupon and $1.40 MC (treat for husband)
Joy Dish Liquid $6.49 (90 oz.)
Starbucks Frappuccino $12.99 (12 bottles)
90% Ground Beef $16.89 ($2.99/lb)
Arnold Bread $2.99
Less $11.26 on a gift card I received as a gift

Total: $66.05

If I didn't have my daughter with me I would have most likely not gotten the apple juice (I don't
like my kids drinking too much juice) and the fruit cups but she really wanted them. I got the mixed fruit version of the cups so maybe they will get my kids to like different kinds of fruit other than strawberries, apples, pears and peaches.

I bought white bread, white I never buy, because for dinner tonight we are having shredded chicken and homemade gravy sandwiches and my husband does not like whole wheat bread.

We totally ran out of dish liquid yesterday due to my total lack of planning so I bit the bullet and bought a huge bottle today. I don;t think it was the best deal in the world but at least I have time now to stock on on better deals before it runs out.

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