Thursday, September 8, 2011

Target- I Practically Live There

4 Cascade Trial Packs @ $1.02 each - (4) $1.00 MC ***pretty much free***
Circo Infant Dress $1.50 (reg. $6.00)
Mossimo Tee $8.00 - $5.00 Target Coupon
Liz Lange Maternity Shirt $7.48 - $3.00 Target Coupon (reg. $14.99)
Motts Natural Applesauce $1.84 (my son lives on this stuff)
Market Pantry Milk $3.39
Market Pantry Pasta and Sauce @ $1.00 each - $1/2 Target Coupon
2 Market Pantry Shredded Cheese @ $2.29 each - $1/2 Target Coupon
3 Ore Ida Potatoes @ $3.09 each - $3.09 instant savings, $1/3 MC and $2/2 Target Coupon
4 Simply Juice @ .77 each - (4) $1.00 MC (adjusted to .77) ***free***
2 Tie Dye Kits @ $1.98 each (reg. $7.99 each)
2 Transformers Fishing Poles @ $3.48 (reg. $13.99 each)
Less $1.65 Red Card savings

Total: $31.32
Saved 70%

My main goal of this trip was to see if the comforter set we bought my son on Sunday went down, which it did! We paid $41.98 for it and tonight it was $29.98. I bought it and will return it on my next trip with my receipt from Sunday (and I would like to thank my dear, sweet husband for searching through the recycling bin to find the receipt that I inadvertently threw away).

Some great deals this trip were:
-Cascade 3 load packs for .02 each
-Market Pantry pasta and sauce for .50 each
-Market Pantry Cheese for $1.79 each (not the best deal but deals on shredded cheese have been scarce in these parts)
-Ore Ida potatoes for $1.06 each (the $2 Target coupon is no longer available and expires on 9/10)
-Simply juice for free (I got overage on it the other day but tonight the cashier adjusted the coupon down- I never expect overage so it didn't matter to me because I still got them for free!)

My stomach keeps growing so I needed some shirts that actually fit. Paying $4.50 for a maternity shirt and $3.00 for a regular shirt is pretty good to me. I have been trying to just buy plain stuff and will dress it up by wearing a scarf (I have been in a scarf mood lately, I don't feel as cow like when I have a scarf draped around my neck and covering my stomach).

The infant dress I bought is obviously for the baby. Since it will be winter when she is born I will layer the dress with a long sleeved bodysuit and some leggings- this is a big money saving thing that I do with clothing. I can buy summer stuff at rock bottom prices and just layer it to make it appropriate for colder weather.

As for the fishing poles- we have a stream in our back yard and I thought that my kids would have fun "fishing" in it. There are no fish to speak of but they don't have to know that. The tie dye kits will be something fun to do someday when I'm not tired and cranky.

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