Monday, September 19, 2011

Stop and Shop- Under Budget So Far for the Week!

Chips Ahoy Cookies $1.99
5 Packets Kool-Aid @ .20 each (I don't let my kids drink this junk but I love it!)
1 lb Organic Carrots $1.29
Celery Hearts $2.50
(2) 5 lb Bags Potatoes @ $3.99 BOGO
Cantaloupe $1.50
Pears $3.03 ($1.49/lb)
3 Kiwi .99
2 lb Bag Onions $2.49
Haddock $4.79 ($3.99/lb)
Chuck Roast $9.72 ($2.99/lb)
2 Motts Natural Applesauce @ $1.79 each (cheaper than Target)
Stop and Shop Natural Popcorn $1.00
3 Campbell's Select Harvest Soup @ .99 each - $1/3 MC
Stop and Shop Tomato Paste .50
Matthew's Whole Wheat Bread $2.49
5 Smart Ones Meals @ $2.00 each - $1/5 MC and $2.50 instant savings
6 Yoplait Yogurt @ .60 each - .40/6 MC (doubled)
Florida's Natural Orange Juice $2.50
Kraft Giant Marshmallows .99 (clearanced from $3.99)
Less .25 in reusable bag savings

Total: $55.37
Saved 44%

I spent less than I anticipated which is really, really good for me considering that in the past few months I have been awful at sticking to my $75 a week grocery budget. I also think I did a pretty good job at keeping it healthy, except of course for the giant marshmallows (my husband has been drooling over these so I decided to get them for a treat), Kool-Aid and cookies (pregnancy craving- yum!). The popcorn will be a very healthy snack for the kids considering it has no butter on it- I think I may use some Best Buy Rewards that we have accumulated to purchase a popcorn popper so I can just buy bags of kernels. What is really great about the popcorn is that my kids think it is junk food- no need to tell them it's healthy, right?

The Smart Ones meals were a splurge for me- I haven't been eating as much as I should so I figure these will make it easy to have a quick (and somewhat healthy) lunch instead of just eating a cheese stick.

We are all set this week for groceries though I may make a trip to Target and BJ's later in the week to pick up a couple of things (I have a dentist's appointment on Thursday and my mom offered to take the kids for the day).

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