Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OshKosh- Stocking Up For Next Year

Total: $38.37 (including $6 for shipping)

This is my purchase from the OshKosh Labor Day sale I posted about awhile ago. They were offering an additional 30% off of clearance items plus when you spent over $40 you got another 20% off. Even with shipping I got some great deals- I bought eleven items for about $3.50 each and didn't have to get my pregnant (and large) butt off of the couch.

Most of the items are for my daughter for next spring/summer. I did get my son some shorts for next year and a cute button up shirt for school for this year.

I now feel like I can justify buying my daughter lots and lots of cute clothing because the baby is a girl and will be wearing them too- like I needed another excuse to spend money on girl's clothing.


  1. I am the same way with Trev..I will be okay with spending a little more on him as he is so gentle on his clothes and most of it is saved for Casey. Aubrey on the other hand destroys clothes..yet I still buy her name brand lol

  2. I would be the same way if I had two boys and one girl- girls are way too fun to dress to make them wear cheap looking clothing! Plus, we only have so much time before our little fashionistas decide to rebel and don't want to wear anything we pick out.