Thursday, September 22, 2011

Operation: Decorate the Girls' Room


I am really starting to freak out a bit about how close to my due date I am which is good because I am starting to get stuff done.

Right now my focus is on the girls' bedroom. My daughter's bed is all set- I bought her a new comforter set and made her bed skirt. The bed skirt matches the window valances I made and if I do say so myself, it all looks very cute. I made the crib skirt for the baby's bed last night which matches my daughter's bedspread (I used the fabric from the bed skirt the comforter set came with) and put the crib back together from it's previous form as a toddler bed. We bought a new mattress which was desperately needed considering the old one was on it's last leg. We also bought a new rug from Ikea a few weeks ago that goes with the new room decor and the room was painted from a light blue to a pretty purple.

With all of that done I still need to do the following:

-make the teething rail covers for the crib- I am going to use the same fabric that I used to make the bed skirt and window valances
-revamp a lamp with ribbon
-make some throw pillow covers using the same fabric as the teething rail covers
-paint unfinished bookcase (I am leaning towards white but who knows)
-put up shelf over the rocking chair
-make some sort of name sign to hang over each bed (leaning towards this)
-put up new white faux wood blinds (got an awesome deal on them at Home
-put up mirrored wall decals above both beds (bought from Target on clearance)

I'm sure there are a million and one other things I want to do to the room but I'll just try to keep myself focused on what I have listed here. Pregnancy makes me crazy...

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  1. I did the boys room in one day..I had my girl friend come over and we went crazy and just got it done. Such a relief. I of course needed to sleep for the next 10 days but it was worth it.