Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lazy Day...

Lazy Drinker - Borracho huevón

Today we have no school to go to (my son only goes to pre-school three days a week), no appointments, no needed shopping trips, etc. This makes me happy.

I love days where there is no set schedule, especially now since I am in the home stretch of my pregnancy and feel like a a beached whale. We can just do whatever we want and not have to worry about rushing to get anywhere or having to get anything in particular done (though today I do need to change the sheets on the beds, dust and vacuum upstairs and clean the darn guinea pig cage before it gets condemned by the health department).

So here is to today, a day where I will hopefully relax at least a little bit and put up my grossly swollen feet.  Now, just to somehow get my kids to cooperate...

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  1. I love these days..For us its Wednesdays..Aubrey has no school and its just a matter of getting trev on and off the bus its so nice to be in pjs all day and do nothing