Friday, September 30, 2011

How to Dispose of Toys Without Your Kids Getting Mad at You...

chew bubble gum

Am I the only mom who secretly enjoys when my dog chews one of my kids toys?

To clarify, my kids have a lot of toys. This is fine to me but I hate the little toys that always seem to be floating around the house- little action figures, legos, fast food restaurant toys, etc. I feel guilty throwing them away or getting rid of toys that my kids like so when my dog chews on them I finally have an excuse to dispose of them that doesn't make me the bad guy.

Passive aggressive parenting at its finest!

Disclaimer: My dog does not actually eat the toys- he just chews on them enough to render them useless. But, in the rare case he does eat something he is a miniature pinscher with intestines of steel. He has eaten some weird things over the six years we have had him (including a pearl earring) and has just pooped them out like it was no big deal.

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