Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Twenty-Six Weeks Down...

Today I am twenty-six weeks pregnant and I feel like I am forty weeks pregnant.

I have succumbed to sleeping on my couch because like with my two previous pregnancies, my usually very comfortable bed has become like sleeping on concrete. The last straw was when I wok up one morning and had such bad cramps in my hip that I could barely walk.

My clothing options have been vastly whittled down due to my ever growing stomach (and butt, and thighs... sigh). I only need to make it to when the weather starts to cool down a bit and I will have many more things to choose from to wear (I have never been pregnant in the summer so I had to buy things to wear but I didn't want to go too crazy).

I have about fourteen weeks to get everything ready for the baby. It seems like a lot of time but it really isn't when all of your time is taken up with raising two children and attempting to keep your house in somewhat order. I went through and donated/sold all of my son's baby clothing so that is all set but I now have to pull out all of my daughter's baby clothing to see what will work for the baby considering that my daughter was born in June and this baby will be born in November. Once I see what holes I have in her wardrobe I can start buying things to round everything out. I have a feeling I will be utilizing a lot of layering of short sleeved summer shirt over long sleeved onesies...

We are having the kids' bedrooms painted over the next two Saturdays so I really need to get on the ball about decorating the rooms. First up is finding my daughter a solid colored comforter for her bed (she is moving from her crib turned toddler bed to a twin sized bed). Once I find that I can go buy fabric to make a bed skirt, curtains, pillow covers, crib skirt and crib teething rail covers (I am pretty sure I am going to forgo a bumper this time around but we'll see). I have a sewing machine in my bedroom closet that I will be dusting off soon and hopefully I can figure out how to use it.

My son's room will be pretty easy compared to the girls' room. He will need new curtains and he really wants a new comforter and even though he doesn't really need one I want his room to all coordinate with his wall color (grass green- it was either that or black so I guess I can live with it). We also want to buy him a nice chair so he can have a little reading nook in his room.

As far as baby gear and diapers I am pretty much set. I'll be breastfeeding so we don't need to buy any formula and already have bottles, nursing pads, nursing bras and a breast pump. The only real cost associated with the new baby will be some clothing (don't you love how each baby you have gets cheaper and cheaper?).

You know what- if I weren't so crazy and didn't have to have everything just so I wouldn't be so stressed out right now. Darn my crazy self!


  1. Im the same exact way..With my younger 2 I wanted them clothed for the first few sizes, I wanted a ton of diapers and wipes, etc. I called my best friend over a few weekends and we painted, and re did the kids rooms. I have fun with it plus I think it gives the kids something to get excited about...a new room or roommate lol. I think your doing good and should have enough time to get it done esp when you start nesting..Sorry for the worlds longest comment I will shut up now

  2. I'm hoping having his own big kid room will get my son excited so that he won't mind a crying baby being around! As for my daughter- I hope having a pretty room will make her not notice that the baby's crib will be in there too!