Monday, August 15, 2011

Target- Two Trips Because I'm a Flake

Yesterday's trip with the family...

Doritos $3.69 (treat for my husband)
Market Pantry Vanilla Wafers $2.36 (pregnancy craving)
Oreo Snack Sack $1.50 (treat for kids)
Annie's Snack Mix $2.49 - .50 MC (came in the mail)
Motts for Tots Juice Boxes $2.94 (forgot to use my $1 Vocalpoint coupon)
Lunchable $1.77 (bribe for son)
2 Hunts Ketsup @ $1.00 each
Betty Crocker Potatoes $1.84 (husband just had to have them)
Market Pantry Tortillas $2.24
Little Debbie Honey Buns $1.69
Pepperidge Farms Whole Wheat Bread $2.69
Pepperidge Farms Hot Dog Buns $2.29 - $2/2 MC (tear pad from Shaws)
5 lb Bag Potatoes $2.19
Minute Maid Orange Juice $2.89
Crayola Dry Erase Board $5.00
Crayola Dry Erase Crayons $3.99 - $1.00 Target Coupon
Less $1.90 Red Card Savings

Total: $36.17

Today's trip with the kids- my husband asked if we should buy q-tips yesterday and I said no because I was sure I had some in my stockpile. Well, I didn't and he used the last q-tip this morning. So, because I'm a flake I had to drag the kids out in the pouring rain.

Goldfish Crackers $1.75 (didn't have time to get out my .55 coupon)
Fresh Express Shredded Lettuce $1.59
5 Chef Boyardee @ .82 each - $1/5 MC (for work lunches)
Market Pantry Milk $3.39
Up & Up 750 Count Cotton Swabs $4.04
Less .69 Red Card Savings

Total: $13.36

The Goldfish Crackers were bought because my two year old daughter saw the bags so nicely displayed by the register we were at and started to freak out because she wanted them. Being the tired and pregnant mom that I am I totally gave into her because I was already at my wit's end with shopping with her (my son was actually being pretty good). Now I feel like I just want to lay on the couch and take a nap- fat chance that will happen but what would life be like if we couldn't have dreams...

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