Saturday, August 27, 2011

Target- Second Time is the Charm...

This morning we went to Target and my daughter was in a freak out mood so we ended up leaving before I could buy anything. I was really upset by how she was acting and cried the whole way home- pregnancy hormones are making me crazy.

I put her down for a nap when we got home (well, I put in her bed while she was screaming and she finally passed out) and when she woke up we ate lunch and headed back to Target for take two.

The second time the kids were wonderful and I got what we needed plus more- bargain shopping with a four year old and two year old is impossible fore me. My sanity is worth bribing the kids and letting them throw crap into the cart that I would have never bought otherwise (call me a bad mom but quiet kids are worth shelling out some cash sometimes). My back was also killing me and I was tired so I was a total pushover.

Archer Farms All Fruit Twisted Snacks $2.99 (kids wanted fruit snacks- these were healthier)
5 lb Bag Market Pantry Potatoes $4.49 (yikes- these were $3.49 last week!)
Polander All Fruit Jelly $1.75
Cheerios (huge box) $3.04
Little Debbie Honey Buns $1.69 (work snack for husband)
Little Debbie Brownies $1.69 (son threw into the cart)
Thomas Mini Whole Wheat Bagels $3.39 (told my daughter they were doughnuts)
Market Pantry Hot Dog Buns $1.39
Market Pantry Hamburger Buns $1.39
(2) 1 lb Containers Strawberries @ $1.99 each
(2) 12 Packs Coke/Sprite @ $3.00 each plus $1.20 bottle deposit
Market Pantry Whole Milk $3.39
Simply Lemonade $2.44
Minute Maid Kid's Orange Juice $2.60
2 Simply GoGurt @ $2.69 each - $1/2 MC
Freshetta Pizza $5.00 - $5.00 MC Free Coupon (complained to company)
Sara Lee Cheesecake $2.08 (so good- yum, yum, yum)
2 Bananas .48 (my son wanted these- he hates bananas but oh well)
Lego Duplo Zoo Animal Set $8.00 - 10% Target Coupon (catalina) (peeing on the potty treat)
Lego Fire Rescue Car Set $8.00 (his sister got one so he got one too treat)
Less $3.12 Red Card Savings

Total: $61.04

I totally forgot that I bought the cheesecake and I really want some... mmmmmm, cheesecake.

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