Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Target- It's Potty Time!

5 Boxes Kelloggs Cereal @ $2.75 each - Free box wyb 4 and $5/5 MC
2 Kraft Marshmallows @ $1.42 each - (2) free marshmallow peelies wyb 2 Rice Krispies
Dora Backpack $13.99 - $5.00 Target coupon wyb 5 Kelloggs/Keebler Products
2 GoGurt @ $2.69 each
Minnie Mouse Underwear $10.99
4 Reptile Toys @ .84 each (reg. $3.37 each)
Hunts Pudding .95
Less $1.78 Red Card Savings

Total: $34.13
Saved 46%

My daughter decided last night at bedtime that she was going to pee on the potty and did it again this morning so I bought her what she has been wanting more than anything in the world- a backpack. This came at the perfect time because Target has a coupon for $5 off a backpack when you buy 5 Kelloggs or Keebler products and the cereal is on sale this week for $2.75 and you get one box free when you buy four boxes. I was going to get the backpack anyways so I basically ended up getting five boxes of cereal and two bags of marshmallows for $1.00- pretty sweet deal! I didn't notice that the boxes had peelies on them for a free Cars car when buy three boxes of cereal so I am going to go back with my receipt and the peelie to get my free car! Yeah! (I also have to go back because the cashier didn't scan my $1/2 GoGurt coupon).

Total: $34.13

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