Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sucking at Life...

Yesterday I was having one of those sucking at life days where my kids were driving my crazy and the only thing I wanted to do was lock myself in a room far away from them.

We all made it through lunch time in one piece and then I banished both kids to their rooms for naps. Ahhh, quiet time. I ate my lunch, put on some water to make brown rice for dinner, put the chicken breasts and salsa into the slow cooker and went to clean the family room of the huge mess the kids made earlier.

I smelled something burning a bit later and just happened to walk by the stove... I forgot about the fricken water I was boiling! The water was completely boiled away and the pan was starting to turn colors. 

You see the picture at the top of this post- that is a picture of a miracle cleaner that makes everything all better. I dumped some Bar Keeper's Friend in my stainless steel pan and within seconds the burnt markings were gone. I'm telling you, this stuff is magical. And even better than being magical, it is pretty cheap. But even if it weren't cheap I would still buy it because it makes me suck at life a little less.

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