Saturday, August 20, 2011

Make a List and Check It Twice...

Yesterday I decided to go through my house and make a list of non-food items that we are running low on. Lately I have been the queen of thinking we have a ton of something (q-tips being the most recent example) and then realizing once we totally run out that I have none.

Surprisingly, for someone who has not been participating in the drugstore game for many, many, many months, I still have a decent sized stockpile of toothpaste, razors, feminine care products, makeup, hair styling products and cleaning products. I suppose my gung-ho coupon craziness in my previous life wasn't actually hoarding, but it was me preparing for the day when I would be too lazy to chase deals. As far as diapers and wipes go, my mom is really into couponing and has been stocking me up on both (yeah, mom!). Toilet paper and paper towels have also been covered due to the fact that I bought a ton from for pretty cheap (about .30 a roll for toilet paper and less than .50 a roll for paper towels- my huge order should last us a really long time and now I have the peace of mind knowing that we have it and that I don't have to search for deals on it).

Here is my list of things that we will be needing in the near future:

dish soap (have none left- emergency situation)
shampoo (have half a bottle left- emergency situation)
q-tips (just bought some but will keep and eye out for more- price to beat is Target brand $4.04 for 750)
deodorant (men's and women's)
shaving cream (have three bottles left but this stuff goes fast)
women's body wash (have one bottle but if no deals come up I can just use my husband's)
face wash for my husband (he only uses a certain brand- so darn picky)
conditioner (have two bottles left)
bar soap (have two bars left)
flushable wipes (have 4 packages left- my son loves to use ten wipes at a time to clean his butt)

Now that I have my list I can easily keep an eye out for deals on these items so that (hopefully) in the future we won't be running out of anything and I (gasp) won't be paying full price for anything.

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  1. I just stocked up on shaving gel with the free satin care shaving gel wyb olay bar..I buy the travel beauty bar for .99 at target and get the shave gel for free..