Monday, August 29, 2011

A Little Wind and Rain is Not an Emergency...

I've been a little MIA today mostly due to the fact that I am trying to catch up on some things that I wasn't able to do yesterday.

If you haven't heard, we had a little wind and rain yesterday here in Massachusetts. It was supposed to be a hurricane but ended up getting downgraded and really was not that bad (but I would like to thank all of the news stations for acting like Armageddon was approaching- hope you got the ratings you so desperately wanted).

Our power went out around 11 am and came back on the this morning at around 1 am. The day was actually very peaceful which surprised be because my kids did not even miss not having television. They kept themselves busy playing with all of their toys and using their imaginations while I caught up on non-electricity needed housework and my husband helped the neighbors remove a big tree that fell in the road. For dinner I had already started to defrost a whole chicken (and did not want to waste money on take-out) so I butterflied it and cooked it on the grill with some baked potatoes- it actually came out really good. Who needs electricity when you have a grill?

After the "storm" left we all went outside to play for a bit. Last night I caught up on some reading of a book I am going to be reviewing soon and also read more of my biography on Harry Truman, which I have sadly been neglecting lately.

All in all, having no power was a nice break. Sometimes it is nice to completely unplug from the world and just spend the day as a family doing boring old family stuff. Now it is back to reality because when my kids woke up this morning they were back to their normal fighting with each other selves. Break over.

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