Thursday, August 11, 2011

Got Off of my Lazy Butt...

Something came over me yesterday and I decided to pull out all of my daughter's baby clothes and sort them. My dining room floor looked like a laundromat barfed on it and the kids made a mess of the house while I was occupied with my project but in the end all is well.

This is everything that I am keeping. It is all separated by size and labeled so I have no excuses to not be able to find what I need when I need it. It seems as if I am pretty much set with clothing except for 0-3 months pajamas but only time will tell. I will have to see how the baby grows to determine if the seasons of clothing I have will work for her which annoys me because I have when I can;t get stuff done when I want it done.

This pile is of clothing that I am going to sell on Ebay. It is all boys stuff so I'm not sure why it was mixed in with my daughter's baby clothes- wait, I take that back. I was probably too lazy to put it where it should have gone so I stuck it in the girl bin.

The bag on the left is clothing that I am going to give to my mom to sell at her neighborhood's yard sale in a few weeks. The orange bin in the right is full of donations- mostly baby clothing and other randomness I found throughout the house.

One more thing checked off of my list.

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