Friday, July 8, 2011

Stop and Shop

Frosted Flakes $3.69
4 Rice Krispies @ $3.29 each - $5/5 MC
Heinz Ketchup $1.99
Hood Milk $3.49 - $4.00 Free Milk Catalina ***Free***
Florida's Natural Orange Juice $3.00
Little Debbie Pecan Wheels $1.59 (pregnancy craving)
Kraft Marshmallows $1.54 (husband requested these- Rice Krispie treats maybe?)
Less $6 Savings wyb 4 Kelloggs Cereal
Less .10 Reusable Bag Credits

Total: $13.36
Saved 57%
Received a $4 off Milk Catalina

This trip was from yesterday. I wanted to redeem my milk catalina I received the other day and decided to stop up on more cereal because my family lives for Rice Krispies. I ended up paying $5.85 for five boxes of cereal and a $4.00 milk catalina. Even without taking the catalina into account I only paid $1.17 for each box of cereal which is pretty good to me considering that the stores have really been sucking the past year on awesome deals (compared to the deals that were to be had when I first started heavily couponing).

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