Monday, July 25, 2011

Paint Colors- What to Pick...

We are going to be switching around the kids' rooms soon so that everything is in place before the baby gets here. My kids are going to switch bedrooms with my son getting the smaller one and my daughter and the baby getting the larger one. That means we need to repaint the rooms (insert groans here).

I am going to let my son pick out his own color (within reason) so that won't be too stressful for me. I am stressing about the girls' room though. I have all of these visions in my head of a beautiful room and am putting pressure on myself to make it happen.

So, what color to pick? Everything will need to coordinate between my daughter's bedding set (she will be switching from her crib turned to toddler bed to a twin sized bed) and the crib bedding (I am going to make my own crib skirt and teething rail covers). I will also be making the valances for the windows to match whatever I come up with for colors.

Lordy, lordy- what have I gotten myself into?

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