Friday, July 1, 2011

Earning Coupons with Rewards Points...

Here is what my lazy, good for nothing mail lady brought to me the other day (she is the type of mail lady who will stuff envelopes in my mailbox that say do not bend and she likes to beep the horn for five minutes for us to come out and retrieve a package from her instead of getting off of her butt and delivering it- if we don't come out she will spend another five minutes figuring out a way to attach our package to our mailbox with a system of rubber bands and trash bags; a UPS or Fed Ex worker she is not).

I got a coupon for a free box of Nabisco crackers from My Coke Rewards and two coupons for free Happy Baby products from Stonyfield Rewards. This really highlights the fact that I need to keep on keeping on entering in codes from products that I buy. I know it sometimes seems like why bother but all of those small point amounts add up and with little effort you can get some cool coupons. Here are the sites that my lazy butt (though my butt isn't as lazy as my mail lady's butt) currently uses to earn freebies:

My husband drinks a lot of soda and since Coke has had some great sales lately we have been racking up the points.

My daughter used to love the YoBaby and YoToddler yogurts but now will only eat her yogurt in a tube form- but over the past year I have earned a lot of points. I am really not into the whole organic thing but started buying the YoBaby yogurt because it was the only kind in small cups that was made with whole milk and that didn't have lots of weirdo ingredients added. Now that my daughter is older I have more choices as to what kind of non-junky low fat yogurt I can buy (though like I said, she is really into tube yogurt so I have been doing the whole Simply Go-Gurt thing lately).

My daughter is still in diapers full time, my son wears pull ups at night and I have a baby on the way- enough said.

Ditto what I said about Huggies- plus Pampers always has free codes so you don't even have to have a little monster in diapers to rack up points.

They have really great coupons and always, always have ways to earn free points.

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