Thursday, June 9, 2011

Old Navy- Used My Groupon

Toddler Girl Shorts $5.00 (reg. $6.50)
Toddler Girl Tank Top $5.00 (reg. $6.50)
Toddler Girl Shirt $4.99 (reg $9.94)
Toddler Girl Shorts $7.00 (reg. $9.94)
Less $20 Groupon

Total: $1.99
Saved 95%

I used my $20 Groupon, which I got for free because I had a $10 credit in my account, and ended up getting some cute stuff for my daughter. I would officially have to say she has enough summer clothes, that is until I see more super cute stuff on sale! (dressing my daughter in cute clothes is a huge weakness for me- luckily the Gap and Old Navy are always emailing me coupons which combined with my Silver card's free shipping equals me not going bankrupt).

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