Monday, May 2, 2011

BJ's- Red Meat Edition

Arnold Whole Wheat Bread $2.99
5 lb Bag Pears $5.99
Eggo Wheat Waffles $6.99
6.07 lb 90% Ground Beef $18.15 ($2.99/lb)
5.67 lb Steak Tips $28.29 ($4.99/lb)

Total: $62.41

I have had a major aversion to chicken and pork lately so red meat is what has been keeping me alive. I was going to buy the huge tube of 90% ground beef for .30 less a pound but on the way to the store I realized that my cold bag was not big enough for a three foot tube so I just got a normal sized package.

The pears are an excellent deal at BJ's, especially considering they are my kids' favorite fruit At the grocery store they are $1.79/lb and at BJ's they come out to be $1.20/lb. The waffles ended up being cheaper that what I pay at other stores too- the big box I bought is equal to four normal boxes so I paid about $1.75 a box. The ground beef was cheaper than the grocery store and the steak tips were about $3/lb cheaper than the grocery store.

Shopping at BJ's can save you money as long as you are getting a better price than elsewhere and as long as you know you will use everything you buy.

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