Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rite Aid

3 Sprite 12-Packs @ $4.33 each - (3) Free MC from My Coke Rewards
$1.80 Bottle Deposit
2 Cadbury Mini Eggs @ $2.44 each
4 Cadbury Eggs @ .50 each (two were eaten in the car by my husband)
Less $4 off $20 Video Values coupon
Less $1 Wellness coupon
Less $3 +Up Rewards

Total: .68
Received $3 +Up Rewards ($2 Coke and $1 Cadbury Mini Eggs)
Saved 97%

My husband really wanted some Cadbury candy and I knew if I let him go and buy it he would have spent a lot. Therefore I worked the Rite Aid magic and got his silly candy and some soda (for him- I am trying to detox from it) for waaaaaaay less than he would have paid.

I may make another trip this week to get some other deals if I feel like it but there isn't anything I really need.

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