Friday, March 18, 2011

Just Call Me Nerdy

I just finished the book 1776 by David McCullough which isn't a big deal in itself except for the fact that I bought it five or six months ago. It was a great book and I would have loved to have read it quicker but as a mom life just seems to get in the way of reading time and when everyone is in bed for the night my brain is just to fried to even think of reading anything with substance.

After reading 1776 I have become a Revolutionary War Buff. I want to read everything I can about the patriots who fought for our independence and carved out what our country is today (well, maybe they would be a bit disappointed at some aspects of how our county is today but that is a whole other topic this Republican mama won't go into).

And then it seemed as if the stars aligned because I remembered that I had a $20 Barnes and Noble certificate that I bought from Groupon awhile ago for $10. I was going to use it for the kids but they already have so many books that we could read a different book everyday for a year and still not get through all of them. So I decided to buy something for myself that I can enjoy and get my learn on.

Fifteen dollars later I have these two books that I am so excited to read: John Adams by David McCullough and Alexander Hamilton boy Ron Chernow. You may think that they sound boring but they are nothing like the stuff you learned in high school history class- high school history class just barely scrapes to surface of what happens and leaves out all of the actual interesting parts of our history.

I just started reading John Adams today though I didn't get to far in because I took a little cat nap on the couch (to make the cat nap even better my son cuddled up next to me!). So, hopefully I will be able to carve out some reading time each day because it is a hobby I really enjoy and if mommy's happy everyone is happy.

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