Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eating Healthy- Blah...

Recently I have decided to stop buying junk food for myself in an effort to eat more healthy. I also stopped drinking my beloved soda.

So far it hasn't been that bad. If I want a snack I have to settle for the snacks I buy for the kids- wheat Ritz, pretzels, fruit, Cheerios, cheese sticks, Fruitabu roll ups, graham crackers, etc. No more potato chips or sweets- I suppose if it is not good enough for my kids to eat then I shouldn't be eating it either. I really shouldn't be saying I don't eat any sweets because I have been baking from scratch- I made oatmeal cookies last week and this week I made pumpkin bread. Homemade sweets are fine in my eyes because they don't have all of the added junk that store bought sweets or mixes have. To curb my soda addiction I have been having a cup of apple juice every day- I am actually starting to prefer juice and water over soda because it is more refreshing to drink. I do have to say though that if my husband requests a snack I will buy it for him because he is an adult and can eat what he wants (though I may just have to sneakily eat some of his junk food).

It is hard when I go to the grocery store to not cave and buy junk food but if I buy it I will eat it- I have no will power at all. Eating healthy isn't easy if you have crap laying around your house so I just go with the crap doesn't come into my house plan. I am not perfect and may slip sometimes but it is important to me to take care of myself and lead a good example for my kids.


  1. I am in the same boat! My husband eats horribly but loves Peanut Butter which I am allergic to so all his snacks are PB so I cant even be tempted. If its here I will eat it. Gotta love my amazing self control lol

  2. It is so funny because growing up my mom always had tons of junk food in the house- including overflowing candy dishes- and I never really pigged out on any of it. Now, if I buy a bag of cheez doodles they won't last one night in the house because I will scarf the bag down. And as if scarfing down a bag of cheez doodles isn't worse enough, my hand would have the tell tale orange stain the next day from the fake cheez doodle cheese powder.