Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Call Me Scatterbrain

The family and I went to Target tonight after dinner. Why isn't there a picture you may ask?

Well, like the total scatterbrain I am I left my coupons at home. I spent time this afternoon pulling out the coupons I needed to get some awesome deals and instead of putting them in my purse I put them on the table. So I just ended up getting bread (which we needed), Nursery Water (which we needed) and a cute Play Wonder pretend breakfast food set that was 75% clearance for about $4 (for the gift closet).

My husband offered to drive us all home so I could grab my coupons but what kind of fruit loop would I be to drag my family back home to get my coupons and then drag them back to the store? I had some pretty good deals lined up with my coupons but it wasn't like not getting free dishwasher tabs was a life or death situation. See how I have matured from when I first started to coupon- back then I would have probably cried about forgetting my coupons and driven home to get them no matter how long it would have taken. Now I see that deals are just deals- if I get them great but I'm not going to annoy the hell out of my family to get them and I am not going to stress myself out to get them.

Tomorrow night after dinner I might run back to Target with my coupons to get my deals and to have some stress free, kids free aimlessly roaming the aisles of Target mommy time. If I don't make it out then I think I will be more disappointed at not having me time than not getting my deals.


  1. Is there anything more relaxing (sans alcohol) than roaming thru the store kids-free?

  2. I know! It just feels so nice to browse instead of doing a mad dash to get everything you need before one of the kids has a meltdown.