Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Finally Made It To Rite Aid

3 Sprite 12 Packs @ $3.33 each - (3) Free MC from My Coke Rewards ***free***
Bottle Deposit for Soda $1.80
Brawny Paper Towels $6.49
Sucrets $2.99 - $1.50 MC
6 Johnson & Johnson Products @ $2.99 each - (6) $1.00 MC
Less $20 +Up Rewards

Total: $2.05
Saved 95%
Received $17 in +Up Rewards as follows:
$2 Sprite
$1 Brawny
$2 Sucrets
$12 J&J ($2 for each product)

We really needed paper towels and soda so I worked the Rite Aid magic and got those things plus a bunch of baby wash for a little over $2. I look back at the times when my husband and I would go to BJ's and buy the huge packs of paper towels and toilet paper and drop over $30 on them and I can;t believe how much money we wasted! Now I work those items into my drugstore deals and get them for almost free.

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