Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Like to Throw Crap Away...

Today I feel like I caught the decluttering bug.

I was cleaning my kitchen, per my wonderfully dorky cleaning schedule, and I felt like there was just too much stuff on my counter top. To move the stuff off of my counter top I had to get rid of stuff in the cabinet that holds all of the small appliances. So, into the basement went a Jenn Air stand mixer (sans the attachments because my husband put them into the dishwasher which in turn ruined them) and the Magic Bullet (I am going to donate this the next time one of the charity vans comes to my neighborhood). I moved the blender into the cabinet and put a wooden bowl set that was on display on top of the toaster oven into the hutch. We bought a new toaster of which will be arriving in the mail next week and at that time we can get rid of the ginormous toaster oven that is hogging tons of counter space.

I want to go through all of the cabinets to rearrange them and purge things that I don't use. I also want to find a place in the cabinets for the stacks of cups that are on the counter because it just looks cluttered with them sitting out.

Once all is said and done the only things on my counter top will be a breadbox, my Kitchen Aid mixer, some ceramic canisters that hold baking stuff and the knife block.

I really love the feeling of getting rid of stuff, whether it be throwing it away or donating it. I also really love buying new stuff but due to monetary constraints I do a lot of window shopping. I guess not having tons of extra money to blow is a good way to keep ones house not too full of useless crap.

Once the kitchen is done, off to the next room (though I could very well decide that the decluttering bug has left the building and leave all as it is).

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I've had the urge to throw things away or donate, but once I get started I get so overwhelmed! Hopefully I can stick to it. I know I will feel so much better once all of that extra stuff is GONE!