Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Up In Flames

I ordered beautiful cards from Shutterfly last week and was so excited when I got an email saying they were shipped. I checked the tracking yesterday and it said they were in Chelmsford, Ma but that the status was "exception" and "mechanical failure occurred". It has said this for the past 24 hours and I am starting to have an anxiety attack.

What the heck good are beautiful cards if I don't get them in time to mail out for Christmas? Thoughts of the UPS truck that was delivering my package catching on fire and my cards burning up inside it are running through my head.

I emailed customer service and if they don't get back to me by tomorrow afternoon I will call. I am gong to be so upset if I don't have my cards by Friday. Grrrrrrrr!

Where are my fricken cards!

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