Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bj's- Stress Free Shopping and a Busted Up Birthday

Healthy Helpings Applesauce $6.49 (contains 24 -4oz. cups)
5 lb Bag Pears $5.99
Fresh Express Salad $2.49
5 lb Bag Potatoes $2.99
3 lb Bag Bananas $1.29
Hoodsie Cups $7.49 (contains 30 cups)
12 Pack Starbucks Frappuchino $13.99
Land O Lakes Milk $2.29 (great price!)
Arnold Whole Wheat Bread $2.69
1 lb Strawberries $3.99
8 Whole Chickens $19.26 (marked down to .49/lb!)

Total: 68.96

Holy crap about the chickens! 49 cents a pound for Perdue Whole Chickens is an awesome deal. We are going to eat one for dinner this week and the rest are in my chest freezer in the basement.

I am a little over my $65 budget but I really wanted to get my husband Hoodsie Cups. Yesterday was his birthday and it was a horrible day for him when he got home from work. My son was being such a terror- if you have ever seen The Exorcist you would know how he was acting. I would have actually preferred to be the priest in The Exorcist than to be home dealing with my son yesterday. To top things off my son decided to feed our fish even though we have explicitly told him to never, ever (ever, ever, ever) feed the fish because they could die. He decided to take it upon himself to dump half a bottle of food into the tank. My poor husband then spent the next two hours emptying and cleaning the tank- the whole time of which my son was terrorizing the household. Can I just say that timeouts are a bit of a joke when your child is having a monumental tantrum?

On top of all of that my in-laws always get my husband an ice cream cake on his birthday but for some reason they decided that they weren't going to this year (even though they got his brother one last month who is a complete leach on society who has nothing to contribute to anything). I know that my husband was hurt- heck, I felt hurt for him. If I knew that they weren't going to uphold the tradition then I would have went out and bought him an ice cream cake.

I did make him this cake earlier in the day of which my son decorated  but I never intended for it to be his main cake. It was just something thoughtful that my son wanted to do for his daddy. It is not edible considering that my son decided that not only did the M&Ms need to be on top of the frosting but that they needed to tunnel their way deep down into the cake. Even if we can't eat it it was a sweet gesture along with two cards my son made. The downside is that we didn't get to put candles in it and sing happy birthday because my son went to bed way early last night because he was tired and being cranky (another word for pain in the ass) and because I could not deal with him anymore.

So, in summary- my trip to BJ's was great because I got everything I needed for decent prices all in one store and my husband's birthday was a complete bust.

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