Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baking Healthy Treats

Yesterday I did some baking. I have been so lazy lately and have not been keeping up with having pancakes and muffins in the freezer so that the kids would have quick, healthy food options.

These are banana wheat pancakes. I used this recipe but I doubled it and used half regular flour and half whole wheat flour.

These are whole wheat carrot muffins. I used this recipe but I cut it in half and used all whole wheat flour, substituted applesauce for the oil omitted the raisins and instead of using sugar I used a tablespoon of honey.

Both of my kids loved the pancakes and muffins (even my son who is so very picky). The trick I use when making the muffins is that I chop the carrots up very fine so that there are no chunks- if my son ever saw a carrot chunk he would have a melt down.

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