Monday, November 15, 2010

Menu Plan

Main Dish: TGI Fridays Chicken Fajita Stir Fry (I got the kit for .33 cents at Target so I thought we would try something new)
Side Dishes: Corn and String Beans

Main Dish: Lasagna Rolls (I have all ingredients on hand and will make extra to freeze for future meals)
Side Dishes: Broccoli and Homemade Rolls

Main Dish: Whole Roasted Chicken
Side Dishes: Roasted Potatoes, Beets, String Beans, Homemade Cranberry Sauce and Homemade Rolls

Main Dish: Homemade Pizza
Side Dishes: Mixed Veggies
This meal may change based on what I get when I go grocery shopping tomorrow.

Take out night!

I work all day so the kids eat before I get home (whatever my husband scrapes together for them) and my husband and I eat something simple like pasta

In all honesty, whenever I plan something to eat for Sunday we always end up making something different. It is just too far ahead for me to plan. We will end up having something that we already have on hand or whatever I buy at the grocery store that is a great deal.

This week I will be doing some practice runs making homemade rolls so that when Thanksgiving comes around I will have the recipe down pat. I am going to experiment with baking them a bit earlier in the day and then reheating them in the oven. If it works out then that is one more thing that I don't have to make last minute while I am trying to cook the other food on Thanksgiving.

I am also going to make homemade cranberry sauce to practice. My family likes the jelly kind out of the can so I am going to try and find a recipe to replicate that (minus the silly can lines). Hopefully it comes out Ok!

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  1. Can i come to your house for dinner? Wednesday works for me! :)