Saturday, November 13, 2010

Making Money as a Mommy- Inbox Dollars

I am a mom and that is my primary job right now. I take care of the kids, the household chores and the bills. I don't have much time leftover after doing all of that but I still like to make a little extra money on the side.

Once the kids are in bed I like to relax (preferably with a humongous glass of wine) so I am not someone who takes tons of surveys to make money. I do surveys through one company and also read emails through Inbox Dollars.

It really is such a simple way to earn a little extra money. They send me emails and I quickly read them. I get paid a bit of money for each one and after awhile it all adds up and I get a check in the mail. They also have offers that you can sign up for (some free offers and some paid offers) to earn more money. One one the really great features is tat you can print coupons through them (usually the exact same ones offered on and when you redeem the coupons you printed you get a credit in your account!

This won't make me rich, but it takes minimal effort to read to emails so it really is worth it to me. When you sign up for the first time they give you a $5 credit in your account as a bonus- who doesn't love a bonus?

So, little effort and earning money equals a good deal in my book!

Disclaimer: If you sign up for Inbox Dollars through my link I will receive a referral credit. I really do like this company and if you don't want to sign up through my link that is fine- sign up without my referral link because I want everyone to get in on this deal!

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