Thursday, October 7, 2010

Worm Composting Wednesday- Please Don't Call Me Green

Yesterday was worm composting Wednesday, but as you can see I am posting today because I was relaxing yesterday (another way of saying being lazy).

The worms are doing good, still eating scraps and pooping compost.

Since there is really nothing excited to report in the world of worms I am going to write about my feelings on being green.

You may think that I am a "green" person because I worm compost but I'm not (*gasp*).

You could even say I am very anti-green.

I'm not a horrible person who wants to see the earth covered in trash but I just find this whole green movement so trendy- like how the Atkins Diet was trendy way back when. Everyone was so anti carbs and if you ate carbs- well OMG you were going to be so unhealthy and fat.

 I don't like trendy things and I don't follow trends. I do what I want when I want for the reasons I want. I worm compost because I think it is really neat and someday I may have enough worms to actually eat all of my produce scraps therefore cutting down on how many town trash bags I have to buy ($1 a bag- holy crap). I also want some high quality compost to use to counteract the fact that I am awful with plants. I reuse things because I am cheap and don't like to buy stuff if I don't have to. I use rags to clean because paper towels are so darn expensive- but at the same time I have lazy moments and use paper towels like they are going out of style. I also begrudgingly recycle because of the aforementioned price of town trash bags. If something is going to take more than one second of my time to clean though, I just throw it in the regular trash (why would I use tons of water to clean something because that just negates the value of recycling it). I think recycling ends up costing more in the long run but everyone is so into being green that it make the government feel god and like they are doing something proactive.

Being green is something that people do because it makes them feel good about themselves and it makes them think that they are on a higher level than those who aren't green. Being thrifty and frugal on the other hand it not done by people to make themselves feel good, it is done to save time and money which in turn is helpful to the environment without being pretentious.

So, please don't ever call me green- call me cheap.

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