Friday, October 1, 2010

Stop and Shop - Really Awful Trip and an Angry Rant

Cotton Candy .75 (75% off)
Bananas $1.48
Pears $1.92
Watermelon $2.65
Matthews Whole Wheat Bread $0.00 (rang up the wrong price so I got it for free)

Total: $6.79
Saved 48%

Seems like a pretty good trip, especially since the bread ended up being free (I told them they should have someone take the stickers off the other twenty loaves...). I even snagged these two coupon books.

But then things turned bad...

When I went out to my minivan there was a huge scratch on the passenger side door handle. It seems like the wind (it is very windy today here in Massachusetts) blew a shopping cart into my car very hard. The scratch is down to bare metal. I am very upset because my minivan is pretty new and I really hate you-know-what-holes who don't put their carts back into the corrals.

My car is new, we pay for it every month and we take very good care of it- have some respect for other people's stuff instead of being that lazy that you can't walk ten feet to put a carriage away! This is the same reason that I don't park next to cars that look like their owners don't take car of them. If they have dents in the doors, trash on the floor and a plastic bag taped over where a window should be then they most likely would think nothing of hitting my car and dinging it. Same goes for cars that I can tell have kids in them- kids aren't careful and I just like to avoid issues when I can.

Now my husband and I will just have to see how much a you-know-what-hole has cost us because yes, we do repair our cars when they get damaged.

Angry rant is now over.

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