Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Have Had It With You, Silly Deals!

I wonder if I am feeling a bit burnt out by deal shopping and using coupons?

I have been sitting here on the couch for at least an hour with the Shaws flier on my lap and my notebook by my side that has my chicken scratch General Mill Catalina scenarios. I have some pretty decent ones that will be moneymakers but they include a bunch of stuff I don't want or use. Should I buy stuff I don't need to get the stuff I need for free? It does make sense to do so, and if this were two years ago when I only had one child I would say heck yeah!

But now, with a three year old son who everyday seems to equally fill my heart with joy and push my patience to the limit and a 16 month old daughter who is just so sweet but is little miss I want to do what I want to do, I can't be running to the store twelve times in one week to get a truck load of stuff we really don't need. I know that I would technically be "making money" but my time and energy has a price also- oh yes, and my sanity too.

There are a lot of foods included in the sale that I do not like to bring into my house because once they are in they become integrated into our eating habits. I like us to eat somewhat healthy but I can be pretty lazy sometimes so if the easy option is there I will use it which is why I try to keep a minimum amount of processed foods in the house (I'm talking to you, Hamburger Helper! You are so yummy but you have been banished!).

So, I am still sitting here wondering if I should buy the darn Hamburger Helper so that my out of pocket will be lower or should I just go with what we eat. Or maybe I should just say who cares and not even participate... I guess I really may have had it with coupons and deals right now.

Stay tuned to see what my neurotic self buys at Shaws this week...


  1. I say buy it and keep what you can use and donate the rest to family, friends, food shelter ... Someone you know can always use the food that you can't or don't want.

  2. I buy a lot...and donate a lot! If I can get cake mix for free I keep a few on hand for birthdays holidays etc. I always like to keep baked goodies on hand for the hubby, kids as a treat and bake sales. I spent 11 oop today for the soups...Was it more then I wanted to spend oop yes but to have healhty yummy lunches cheaper then MarketBasket YES

  3. I don't have kids of my own (although I have a fiance who seems just like an infant on most days) so I can't sympathize... but I would buy the stuff and donate/save it up to donate a basket during the holidays.

  4. Do what you can to save money, but I say take time off too! Your (our!) kids are more important than always getting the deal. So I say let it slide until you have time/are ready to be excited about it again. I go through phases with couponing, when I don't feel like couponing, I take a break and buy generic!