Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Dare It Be Warm...

I made a beautiful candy corn wreath for my front door but it turns out that candy corn and unseasonably warm weather in New England do not go well together.

I opened the front door today (we don't use this door to enter/exit the house) to let in some fresh air and I found about thirty melted candy corns on the floor. I have been loosing a few here and there on warmer days but nothing like this.

What a mess and what a pain to clean up. Melted candy corns are like glue. Look at that poor little guy who is sliding down the door.

I threw the wreath away. It was a neat project but I suppose the weather would have to be chilly (like Octobers around here should be) for it to not end up in a massacre.

Oh well, onto a Thanksgiving wreath- sans and melty candy.

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