Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Worm Composting Wednesday

For those of you waiting on the edges of your seats for a Worm Composting Wednesday update, here we go!

Here are a couple of my little wormy friends. They really don't like to be bothered but I had to make some room for their food.

This week's menu is a banana peel and some eggplant. Yum!

So appetizing. Eat up little worms!

Week two has been pretty boring which in worm composting is a good thing. I didn't find any dead worms anywhere and I only had a few potential escapees so I would say that my worms are now settled and are happy in their plastic home. The food I put in last week is pretty much gone and the worms seem like the are getting fatter (could be me just being crazy- very possible).

I have been leaving the cover off with the laundry room light on to dissuade any potential escapees but I think this week I may put the cover to the bin on because the worms seem pretty happy.

Week two has been a success!

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